Posted in Freelancing on August 6th, 2014

How I Stay Fully Booked as a Freelancer

Last Friday, on something of a lark stemming from a conversation with Ian Landsman regarding his incredulity that I manage to stay busy as an independent developer/consultant despite not having a website (if only he knew there's no portfolio, business cards, mailing list, etc. either...), I shared, in a(n over-hyped) series of tweets, the tactics which have helped me avoid suffering a day without billable hours for several years running.

The whole thing ended up gaining far more traction than I could have predicted; to date the Storify tweet summary has over 1000 views, Reddit seemed to appreciate it and my friend and PHP community super evangelist Cal Evans even blogged about it as part of his weekly Lightning in a Bottle retrospective (a number of other exciting opportunities have come from it as well which, while under wraps for now, will become apparent in the coming weeks).

I figure it only makes sense to capture that content here: